Piney Grove Baptist Church
“Loving People, Sharing God’s Message”

was established in SepteOriginal Churchmber of 1933.  The motivations for the founders of Piney Grove to establish a church are not known, but it is reasonable to assume that they wanted a nearby, accessible church of their own faith.  Although a 20-30 mile trip is routine today, in 1930 the Acworth-Dallas public road, known now as Mars Hill Road, was a sometimes muddy dirt road.  Many people walked to church or hitched a ride on a wagon or an automobile.

Not having a building in which to meet did not stop this determined group of Baptists from holding church meetings.  Instead they gathered to construct a “brush arbor” in which to hold meetings. 


As an outgrowth of a successful revival under the brush arbor, a small group of people from the Red Rock community met together one hot summer day, late in August, at the home of Mrs. Eliza Bennett and agreed to build a Baptist church in their community.  Eliza Bennett has been described as “a god-fearing woman”.  Mrs. Bennett graciously donated one acre of land that was located on Acworth and Dallas public road for the purpose of building the church.

On Monday, September 4, 1933, the group met again at the brush arbor and it was then they discussed the building plans and voted to name the church Piney Grove.  Although there are not any recorded reasons for their choice of the name, it is presumed that it was named for the grove of pine trees present on the land.

Piney Grove is a Southern Baptist Church with membership in the Noonday Baptist Association of over 100 churches. The church name originates from the surrounding pine forests of an area that once had a rural flavor but is now surrounded by numerous subdivisions and many retail businesses. Piney Grove has been a pillar in the community from its founding in 1933.

For 81 years the gospel message has been preached, bible lessons taught, God has been sought, prayers have been prayed, and souls have been saved.  We must look forward to the future with great expectation and just as much determination as the people who built Piney Grove during the depression of the 1930s.  We are going forth together in one accord to gather worshippers, gather the lost, and we will gather the many blessings that God richly continues to bestow here at Piney Grove Baptist Church.



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