Prayer Requests – July 14th  2017

Current Needs
Jack Bell 
Pat Patterson
Harvey Hillhouse
Mark Hebert
Lamar Lower
Michael Black (Trace Shelton’s Friend)
Leah Sanders (rheumatoid arthritis)
David Butler
Butch Crutcher (Trace Shelton’s Uncle)
Eric Hufstetler (Ken & Shelma’s son)
The Fowler Family (Dobson’s neighbors- several needs )
Leon Hill (Jack Bell’s brother in law)
Asah Mae (Debbie Ensley’s granddaughter)
Rachel Mae (Debbie Ensley’s daughter)
Jennie McLeroy
Raymond Osborne (Vonda R.’s brother)
Holly Rogers (cancer treatments)
Edna Smith (Anesia Tankersley’s grandmother)
Bob Thurber (Dee Hillman’s brother – prostrate cancer)
Suzanne Willis (MS problems)
Danny Griffin
Long Term Needs 

Butch Alexander
Mary Culver (Betty Hart’s mother)
Benny Hamby (Mandy Shaw’s grandfather)
William Swain – parkinsons
Truitt Kastner (dementia, wheelchair bound)
Bill Kowitz (Brandy Brooks grandfather)
Mike Loy (Mandy Shaw’s uncle)
Barbara Marsteller
Becky Michael (recent knee surgery & parkinson’s)
Thelma Peavy
Susie Smith (Janet Shaw’s aunt)
Stuart Parker
Ron Smith (Janet Shaw’s cousin)
Jimmy & Mary Jane Summerour
Gail Tankersley (Mike’s mother)
Clyde Tanner
Lunette West

Assisted Living Homes
Gladys Killian – Rose Lane
Sandra Fielden – Daybreak Village
T. W. Lewis (Jeff Ellis’ neighbor – Heritage)
Elsie Matlock (Sue McAdam’s sister – Dogwood Forest)
Ruth McMillian (Jerry Austin’s sister – Rose Lane Health/Rehab
Geneva Harkleroad – Rose Lane Health/Reh


Brenda Brooks – Signature
Billy Brawner (Pruitt Healthcare – Marietta)
Hazel Honea (Maple Ridge Health Care Center – Cartersville
Deacon’s – as they work to pull the church together
Staff members
Church family – to be united and growing
Pastoral search committee
Those taking on new responsibilities